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Berlin 6th (Rustic)

Rustic, 0.75 Liter.
Made by Zöller & Born

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158,00 €

This Stein was made for the German reunification, when East and West Germany reunited, they made a special Stein and this was the Berlin Wall Stein. The Berlin Wall Stein shows you on front the Brandenburger Gate, that was the famoust Gate that divided East and West Berlin, in front and also in the back of it was the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was 43 km long... it's all been taken down now...
So we still keep a little bit and that's right on top of the Stein. Inside is a Certificate that testifies that it is a real piece out of the Berlin Wall. It is signed and stamped.


  • Surface Rustic
  • Capacity (liters) 0.75

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