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Montag Steins & Clocks GmbH 

We are a family-owned company, now in the third generation, and we are proud to be a family business.
Still, in today's busy times we hope to deliver a great experience to all customers and treat you like family.

Everything began with the Beersteincenter in 1983 in Sankt Goar on the Rhine river. Today we have the largest selection of beer steins and mugs in the world. More than 3.000 can be found here, with a large selection of limited edition and self-designed steins.

In 1998, we expanded our company with a cuckoo clock shop, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Beersteincenter.
With 200 authentic German cuckoo clocks to see, all of which are from the Black Forest. Many are created from our ideas which makes them masterpieces of one of a kind, therefore exclusively sold by us.
Above the store, you can also admire the world's largest free-hanging cuckoo clock, which was installed on the building in 1973. Until today, this still is one of the most photographed objects in Sankt Goar!

Our specialty is that we carry many well-known items made in GERMANY.

Not much later we opened our third store which distributes the world-famous Birkenstocks. In the year 1998, the Steins & Clocks GmbH was founded.
Our company is constantly developing.
Personal contact with the customer is very important to us, but as time goes things do change...

You can find us at Amazon, as well as on our own brand new designed website.

Looking forward to meeting you in one of our stores or even online.
Wishing you all safe journeys!



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