Beer stein markings

What is behind the markings on a beer stein? That is a very frequently asked question. So today I would like to pass on, some knowledge about that topic with you out there, to hopefully answer those questions.
Today I would like to give you further information about the differences of a real authentic German beer stein and a cheap knockoff. Unfortunately, now a days a lot of sales person and suppliers are using very root methods to sell their products.
They try to deceive the customers by picking similar names, writing important information in smaller letters compared to the others and a lot of other things.
With our knowledge from over 30 years’ experience in selling High quality and authentic German beer steins, I would like to give you some real information, so that you don’t get caught in the trap!

Why do beer steins have lids?

Without the lid, a real beer mug is incomplete. The lids They are available in different shapes and sizes, from simple flat lids without ornaments to elaborately decorated lids. Possible decorations consist, for example, of handcrafted motifs made of pewter or an engraving. Sometimes wonderful pewter figures are also incorporated.